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DreamFit™ Testimonials From

Hi there, These sheets are beyond AMAZING! They fit perfectly, a struggle I've had with other brands, and would like to purchase another set. How do I go about that? Thank you.

J. Scheid
My first DreamFit sheets arrived last Monday. They ;really fit!!!  I have probably spent around $1,000 in the last 8 years on buying queen sheets to fit my 10” deep mattress, that did not fit.  A month ago we purchased a new mattress and foundation.  The new mattress is 16” deep.  So the queen sheets that did not fit the 10” deep mattress, oh well, you know the answer.  I am thrilled about the fit of my new DreamFit sheets. I purchased the 400 Thread Count (Egyptian cotton) sheets.  I am so thankful that I ran across your website when I was looking to see if anyone made a deep fitting sheet.  Many brands say that are deep fitting but did not fit my 10” deep mattress.
The mattress protector is very nice and fits amazingly. I will now be placing an order for deep pocket sheets. Thank you for making a quality product that is exactly how you described it.  No more tugging each morning to make the bed. The little things that make life easier. 
C. Kassl
I just ordered my second set of sheets for my new Temperpedic bed. I LOVE, LOVE your sheets. I got so tired of having a messed up bed with the sheets falling off, so these corners are wonderful and keep the sheets on the bed.  The Bamboo Rich Fiber sheets are so soft and the color is nice and calming. I also love the fact these are Made in America!!  I'll have to order the Ecru next. I do hope you consider more colors than just the three offered.  Great sheets!!

W. Rossi
Hello there! I ordered a pair of the 260 combed cotton sheets and 2 extra pillow cases (order #544676036057924) from your company. We washed them and put them on our bed early last week and have been sleeping on them for a week now. Absolutely love them!

My husband and I had been having a horrible time finding sheets to fit our Sterns & Foster bed which is 17 inches tall. Every sheet set we would find that said they would "fit beds up to 17 - or 18 - inches" would shrink after a few uses and laundering and no longer fit.

They would pop off the corners and everyday I'd have to try to pull the now to little sheet back over the corner of the bed. After a while the corners would rip out. So I have a cabinet full of flat sheets (which were short on the sides too because of the height of the mattress) and pillow cases. These weren't cheap sheets either. Most were sets purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond priced anywhere from $99-$129.00.

I was doing some surfing on the net a couple of weeks ago trying to find sheets to fit our bed and ran across your site. I thought "why not" and ordered a pair of the 260 thread count sheets (my husband doesn't like the slippery feeling of high thread count sheets) and they are so great. Very comfortable, breathable and soft.

The fitted sheet fits our bed with room to spare, the flat sheet is so great having extra length to all sides and the pillow cases fit our new fluffy pillows just great! Now I don't have to fight with my sheets anymore and they don't pop off the corners every night. What a relief!

Please don't discontinue these sheets!! If anything you need to market them more widely as I'm sure we're not the only people who have had this same dilemma.

Thanks for a great product made in the USA!

P. Dent
YAY I am a very satisfied customer! I received my DreamFit sheets yesterday and put them on this morning and they were I perfect fit. I have the Tempurpedic mattress overlay and Tempurpedic has changed from a 15" to a 13" pocket on their DreamFit sheets. Therefore, they do not fit my mattress with the overlay! I am so excited and have plans to order another set from you soon!


T. Johnson

I received my Tencel Sheets and they are so soft and comfortable! Best of all, they stay on my adjustable bed even when one side is adjusted up and the other side is flat. Best sheets ever!

Laura C.
We received our sheets...the sheets are more than we expected! they are the most luxurious sheets I have ever slept on, I could go on and on, but instead I will pass the word to friends and family, you guys have a great thing going! Especially made in the USA , thank you for the great customer service and wonderful product, we just ordered a second backup set of king (champagne) 400 count and I'm bringing the pillow cases to work for people to see this wonderful product. A very satisfied customer.... p.s. you should give your workers a raise!!!!!

K. Iverson
We just purchased and used our first set of Dreamfit sheets. They are WONDERFUL! They fit our bed perfectly, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the BEST part - the pillow cases fit our pillows!

M. Freese
Just received the bamboo rich fiber sheets and WOW they are they ever soft and smooth. Feels like I am sleeping in some super high end hotel where only the wealthy get to have sheets like this. The deep sheets are a genius in that the sheets actually fit the mattress instead of me struggling from one corner to the other and ripping my nails off. Usually you have one or the other, real nice softness or they fit the bed, but you guys have done both. Just ordered another 2 sets for the other beds.

C. Dalyce

Your sheets are great! Finally, a fitted sheet that actually fits. We have a Select Comfort mattress  and the 300 thread count queen size sheet. Will buy the 400 threat count sheet set next time. I am also amazed that you manufacture these sheets in the U.S. and not overseas like everybody else. GREAT JOB!

Liz, Tucson, AZ


Wow, I Impressed. We love these sheets. They feel like the softest and lightest suede. I purchased these for friends as a thank-you gift. They flew us to Scottsdale on their jet. I felt like Paris Hilton, all I needed was the purse dog. Thank you so much for your diligence.

Merrilee De Waal

LOVE the sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the owner of a small business here in Pittsburgh, I also have a testimonial page on my companies' web site, and find it makes people feel a little better about dealing with someone they have no prior experience with, so it’s the LEAST I can do to reciprocate in kind given my experience! It was truly a pleasure to deal with you and your organization and I can not recommend your company strongly enough - you guys ROCK! Thank you, I'll be looking to purchase other items on your web site as they become needed so you can make up some of the difference of your generosity.

ALL The Best – Dana DiVecchio

We have a Tempurpedic mattress and I have a really hard time finding sheets that will stay on. We have slept on these sheets for a couple of nights and it's amazing! I usually wake up in the middle of the night so I can re-adjust the sheets and put them back on, but I haven't had to adjust these at all. Finally i can sleep through the night without having to worry about my sheets staying on. We love our Tempurpedic mattress, but this has really been a problem. Your Dreamfit sheets have solved that. Thank you so much and also thank you for replying to my Email... that's rare and really appreciated.

Tami Morgan

Hello, I wanted to tell you how wonderful we think your Dreamfit sheets are. We recently purchased a new pillowtop mattress set (the ones you need a step ladder to get ont to). My My husband was helping me make the bed and mentioned he didn't mind changing the sheets now that we have the Dreamfit sheets. I myself though that was a great comment coming from him. The way the bottom sheet is made is fantastic, and truly secure. Congratulations on this marvelous product.

Pam Clifford
I am sending this email to you to tell you how much I love your sheets!!! They are the softest, dreamiest sheets I have ever had on my bed in my entire life. Every week I cannot wait until I put a clean set of sheets on and crawl into bed at night. It is my own piece of heaven here on earth. My birthday is coming soon and as a gift to myself I am going to order another set of sheets to touch my mattress. I just thought you would like to know how much I LOVE your product!

Sharon Leverty
One day last week my sheets were waiting on my door step as I arrived home from lunch. My hunger pains subsided as i busted open the package. Filled with excitement, I told my husband to feel them. At first he said " I can't feel a difference". He is nuts you know. My impression was unparalleled quality, beyond satisfiable. Wasting no time, in the washer they went, and I put them on the bed that day. As my husband laid down for the night his attitude changed. "WOW, these are really nice - only the best for Beverly Campbell". You see I know good stuff when I see it. Needless to say off to lala land we went. The real challenge was getting out of the bed the next morning.

Bev Campbell

(Testimonial May Have Been Edited For Clarity & Brevity)


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